Monday, 4 November 2013

Perspective: Life Experiences Make You

Jeremy VegaI've been through a lot of experiences in my life. Relationships, and work come to mind when thinking of experiences. I tend to look back on these experiences and ask myself questions. Like "Would I be here if I...", "Why didn't I...", "Should I have..." It's these experiences that change who you are as a person and make you who you are.

Being the youngest in the family, at a young age I was very curious. I would observe and study people like my older brother and sister and it helped me to understand their thought process. I was very young when I realised I was self studying about perspective. The way people viewed themselves, their choices and how it affected people around them. Now this didn't just have to do with relationships and work, but other life experiences too. I would ask questions like "How does this work?", and "Why does it do this, "when I do that?" It was these questions that helped me to develop as a person and a man today.

Some choices I've made in the past, have dictated where I am today. There have been relationships, which I think I should have tried harder and jobs, which I should have continued. Some of the choices I try not to regret, but you can't change the past. You can however change the future. When I was in high-school I made a life choice. Something that I've kept till this day and this is the soul basis of this article. The choice I made was to "Never say I can't". Think about it for a second and how powerful that line is. Never say "I Can't".

The choice I made was to "Never say I can't"

When faced with any problem, when pushed to the edge of the cliff, when the going gets tough. Never say "I can't". So you may ask "what do you say instead?". You look at the problem, and you ask it questions. You ask "What will make this easier?", "How can I make this simpler?", there are many questions which vary depending on the problem itself. The only constant is the asking of the questions themselves.

My point is, stop wasting time worrying about how big your work load is, because it won't change. What should change is your perspective.